Signs that an architect is addicted

Architects are talented professionals who use their skills to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, functional, and safe.

Many architects do not pay attention to their health because of the high demands that come with their jobs. This is why many of them do not have long careers.

Architects mostly experience a state of unfulfillment when their mental health is not in great shape. This forces many of them to resort to means like substance addiction to get themselves back on track.

When an architect is addicted, it begins to feel like one of their best decisions so far.

Their addictive state of mind seems to make them productive. However, this feeling doesn’t last because they discover that their addictive habits are not sufficient to keep them going.

Many of them will begin to look for more ways to step up their addiction.

One of the ways to know when an architect is addicted is if they are always forgetful. Most times, they do things under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When they are sober, they might not remember most of what they did under the influence of these substances.

Another sign that you will notice when an architect is addicted is their inability to meet up with deadlines.

An addicted architect will struggle to keep their agreement with clients because their major focus is on their addiction. In the long run, they will begin to lose clients and they might stop getting referrals because of their increased lack of professionalism.

You might even notice a change in their overall appearance. When you abuse drugs and alcohol for a long time, it begins to reflect in your physical appearance.

There might be symptoms like excessive weight gain/weight loss, lack of personal grooming, bloodshot eyes, constant itching, slurred speech, etc.

If you know an addicted architect, it is important to assist them in seeking help. Convince them lovingly to see an addiction treatment therapist so that they can get their lives on track.

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